Start your visit to Santarém at the Portas do Sol garden, which was once home to a Moorish settlement. Enjoy the phenomenal view over the Tagus and the surrounding farmlands and villages.

In Santarém you can not only visit monuments, but also taste great food. After all, we are here in the Ribatejo, a fertile region on the banks of the Tagus. Since the Tagus River is the soul of this region, freshwater fish are central to regional cuisine, but meat stews are often served as well. We are happy to give you tips where you can eat well!

The Feira Nacional de Agricultura (FNA) deserves special mention. It is the largest national fair in the agricultural sector that also annually integrates the Feira do Ribatejo, an event that has been taking place since 1953.



Once home to the Order of the Knights Templar, Tomar is a charming city of great artistic and cultural richness.

The city’s calling card, the Convento de Cristo high-altitude monastery, is one of the most important Portuguese Renaissance buildings.



Fátima has a long history, but has grown enormously from the moment of the appearance of the Blessed Virgin in Fátima in the early 20th century.

It became one of the largest Marian places of worship in Portugal, which is also recognized worldwide by the Catholic Church.



Within the city walls of this medieval town is a well-preserved castle between a labyrinth of narrow streets and charming whitewashed houses.

One of the most famous dishes of the local gastronomy is the “caldeirada de peixe da Lagoa de Óbidos” (fish stew) that tastes even better when you pair it with wine from the Oeste wine region.



Golegã, known as the ‘Horse Capital’, is located at the top of the Ribatejo and home to many of the famous Lusitano breeders.

The “Feira Nacional do Cavalo” is every year in November, for a period of 10 days around November 11, the feast of St. Martin.


Lisbon area

You can visit the capital of Portugal by car or by train. The list of sights is endless, but just strolling through the city and enjoying one of the many terraces is of course also possible.

A little longer drive but also worth a visit: the fairytale Sintra and the seaside resort of Cascais (northwest of Lisbon).